United People of TERRA(地球合衆国)


The aim of our one planet. And accept each others differences, have equal opportunities of all people on Earth, skin color, language spoken, or property, was born in regardless, Earth born in the harmonious balance between a peaceful, safe, natural environment in a natural smile, live up to the moment of natural death.

*テラ(TERRA)とは、地球を指す造語です。Is the coined the term refers to the Earth and Terra.

*レボリューション21は、地球を平和的に統一するために、日本の平和的統一を行うことを、目的とした政治団体です。Revolution 21 is the body politic which had for its object to unify Japan peacefully to unify the earth peacefully.

*このサイトの翻訳は、無料の翻訳サイトを主に利用しています。ニュアンスの違いや、誤訳もあると思いますので、日本語文を我々のメッセージとしてお読みください。Translation of this site is using a free translation site mainly. I think there are also difference in the nuances and mistranslation, so please read a Japanese text as our message.