United People of TERRA(地球合衆国)






One earth we aim for. Everyone who lives on the earth has never discriminated against skin color, spoken language, property, or born. It is an earth that can live in a natural smile till the moment of birth or natural death, having an equal opportunity, tolerance of each other, safe peacefully, balancing nature.
Tera (TERRA) is a coined word indicating the earth as such a peaceful assembly.
Revolution 21 is a political organization aiming at peaceful unification of Japan to unify the earth peacefully.
Citizens with an average annual income of the citizen as a whole plus 1 million yen or less are paid the minimum necessary living space for living from the country, food of 5 major nutrients and minimal photothermal power by labor as compensation, and cold and dental treatment And treatment for standard diseases such as abdominal pain and bone fracture.
If you raise the actual annual income of the people by the above, and the national treasury gets well abundant, you can receive treatment for intractable diseases for free.

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