Private policy(プライバシーポリシー)


Then The United People of TERRA and revolution 21 (below our group) obey a decree about personal information and other models and do thoroughgoingness for protection of important personal information.

個人情報の収集について About collection of personal information.

当団体では、次のような場合に必要な範囲で個人情報を収集することがあります。Personal information is collected in the area necessary to the following occasion by our group.

  • 当団体へのお問い合わせ時・入会時 At the time of a question to our group at the time of admission.

個人情報の利用目的について About the use purpose of personal information.

当団体は、お客様から収集した個人情報を次の目的で利用いたします。Our group will use the personal information collected from a customer for the purpose of the next.

  • 連絡のため For a contact
  • お問い合せに対する回答のため For an answer to a question
  • 国民・会員サービス提供のため For the member servicing of people

個人情報の第三者への提供について About an offer to a third person of personal information.


I elucidate or acquired personal information isn't offered to a third person by our group. But, it's removed in case of the next.

  • ご本人の同意がある場合The occasion with one's own agreement
  • 警察からの要請など、官公署からの要請の場合When a request from the police is a request from government offices.
  • 法律の適用を受ける場合When it's applied to a law.

個人情報の開示、訂正等について About elucidation of personal information and correction, etc..

当団体は、ご本人からの自己情報の開示、訂正、削除等のお求めがあった場合は、確実に応じます。When there was a demand by which self information from the person himself is elucidation, correction and elimination, etc., our group meets certainly.

個人情報保護に関するお問い合わせ先 Inquiry about personal information protection


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