President 's Tsunetomi Noa.
Revolution 21 is a policy party aiming for a country that can protect from the birth of a citizen until the death.
With the average annual income of all citizens plus one million yen (even 5 million yen) as a border, we will protect the citizen's medical care worker of less than that.
As an example, employment contracts will be for full-time employment contracts only, part-time workers will be treated as short-time regular employees, and temporary staff and contract employees will be full-time employees.
Residential buildings should be concrete and precast resistant to disasters, making sure to have childcare / nursing care spaces in the residential cooperative house prepared by the country, reducing the concern of life until the death.
5 We will aim for stable supply of production farmers and expansion of employment by job of securing nutrition and delivery of low-income people by the distribution system of large nutrients.
As a preventive measure against large-scale fire, we set fire extinguishing bullets in each room of each building and strengthen the prevention of fire.
From the large embankment, each building is equipped with an evacuation pod and we will take disaster prevention measures to protect the lives of the weak.
All public transportation buses are amphibious electric vehicles and will help people's lives in case of flooding.
There are other policies to avoid various current dangers and create a future. For details, please see the page of New Japan Constitution.
After reunification of Japan has resulted, we aim for peaceful reunification of the earth.
It is due to the fact that the problems of fishery that can be solved unless the unification of the earth can be solved, the problem of suburbs, the problem of conflict etc. are piled up day by day.

The United People of TERRA aims for a peaceful reunification of the earth.
By unifying the earth, we will eliminate border disputes and reduce the causes of human conflict.
By unifying the earth, we will reduce racial conflicts and reduce the causes of human conflict.
By unifying the earth, we reduce excessive hunting, fishing and collecting, reduce food shortage, and reduce the cause of human conflict.
By unifying the earth, we will reduce the environmental destruction of the earth and reduce the cause of human conflict.
By uniting the earth, we can combine the wisdom of the whole earthlinger to crisis as the star of the earth.
Currently when many disasters occur on the earth, I think that it is the era of the earth's crisis.
There is no time for human beings to fight in the era of the crisis.
In order to prevent the destruction of the human race, I think that it is time to go as a single earth as a human being and an earthling.





Citizen of The United People of TERRA refers to all people living on the earth.

We call the Earthling People "People".
In other words, the country that the earthling people make is The United People of TERRA.
Let's make Earth one country with us.

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